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Our accomplishments and insights on strategy and leadership have been recognized across the globe. Here are just a few of the mentions and contributions we’ve received

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.    —Henry Ford, Industrialist

We want to share our strategic insights, and are thrilled about the impact our organization has had on other thought leaders and organizations. Reputability, credibility, and legitimacy are crucial components of any successful business, and we’re grateful to all the people who have helped us broaden our reach.

Please feel free to check out the articles below, all of which we’ve either written or been quoted in. We share stories about the importance of strategy, discussing the benefits of outsourcing to enhance your business, our thoughts on the term “company culture,” and pro tips on sales operations. 


The biggest issue I see with sales operations is a disconnect between the organization’s strategy and the metrics driving sales. A close look at any organization’s (or function like sales operations’) metrics/measures will inform what behaviors the organization will see most frequently.   —Kyle Brost, Principal at Choice Strategy Group 


Company culture is comprised of the learned (or assumed) behavior patterns within an organization. A key element of these behavior patterns is that they are built on deeper assumptions. So, the three important components of company culture are that they are learned, they are patterns and there is an underlying assumption driving them.   —Kyle Brost, Principal at Choice Strategy Group

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It all starts with being more strategic in how work gets done.   —Kyle Brost, Principal at Choice Strategy Group


What is Confluence Theory™?

Confluence Theory™ states that the stronger the

Confluence of people, ideas and resources, the better the results.


noun   I   con·flu·ence   I   \ˈkän-ˌflü-ən(t)s, kən-ˈ\

Origin: Latin verb form cōnfluere “to flow together”, from com “with, together” + fluere “to flow”

  1. a coming together of people, ideas or resources

Our research into Confluence didn’t just reveal what Confluent organizations do, it revealed how they do it. So, we took those insights and built The World’s Most Powerful Approach to Strategy.

This isn’t just about getting people together in a room or establishing communication channels, Confluence is about redefining the fundamental ideas that drive your organization, leadership and team decisions.

We designed an approach to strategy, leadership and teamwork to specifically increase Confluence; because, when organizations, leaders and teams integrate people, ideas and resources, they increase success.

Explore the Confluence Theory model below to learn more about each component and scroll down the page to read the complete Confluence Theory, along with FAQs


What are the major differences between how you facilitate strategy and how others facilitate strategy?

Most organizations approach strategy as a linear process, starting at point A and moving in a linear fashion through a series of steps. In our experience, organizations and participants experience burnout at each step of the process while they try to answer every question and consider every possibility.

With each burnout experience, the outputs at the next step of the process are weaker. By the end of this strategy approach, people have lost the excitement and enthusiasm for what they’re trying to accomplish and are ready to just get back to their work. This approach results in segmented outputs and diminished energy.

We have learned that Confluence is more likely to happen when organizations challenge assumptions, embrace paradox and rapidly iterate. So, our process is a series of rapid iterations that utilize these three things with each of the strategic approaches of Organic, Analytic and Alignment to create Confluence.

In addition to a very distinct approach for creating strategy, every engagement includes a training component. So, before we use tools, we train to the “strategic thinking” principles of the tool.

Can I use Confluence Theory™ without hiring Choice Strategy Group?

Yes, you can most certainly use the principles of Confluence Theory in your organization without hiring us. And frankly, we hope you do and we hope you share the insights you gain with us, so that we can improve our own methodology. We even offer 30 minute consultations to help you plan how you might apply Confluence Theory™ in your organization, leadership or team.

The only caveat is that we have developed specific tools and processes that encourage Confluence, these are proprietary to us.

How do I know what approach my organization is using?

You can access the Confluent Strategy assessment here. This is a quick 30 question assessment that will give you a report of where your organization is likely at, along with some direction as to how to increase Confluence in your organization.


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